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Mercedes C220 P0087 P0252 Fixed and How To Do Injector Leak Test

In today's video I'll show you how to fix P0087 "fuel rail pressure too low bank 1" and P0252 "injection pump fuel metering control A Range/Performance (cam/rotor/injector). My car here is a mercedes c220 cdi w204. P0087 is a generic code which can be related to other cars.
I'll start by showing you the fault codes I have, using an obd reader. Starting from the first fault code "fuel rail pressure too low" I decided to do an injector leak test. During the test I've notice that one of the injector was leaking more fuel on the return then the other 3 injectors.
At this point everything started to make sense for me so I just bought a new injector and replace the faulty one. After injector replacement I run the leak test again so I can make shore the new injector is good. At the end of the video I took the car for a ride to see if the check engine light disappear.
Everything worked well for me and all I needed was an injector.

Time Stamp: 00:00 Introduction, 00:46 Injector Return Leak Test, 03:40 Injector Removal, 04:45 Injector Installation and Injectors Re-Test, 07:25 Test Drive

This Video:

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Hayden : Hello! been fighting with same codes and managed to find the faulty injector changed it and car stopped smoking but now i still get the same code p0087 and car goes into limp mode but weird thing is this does not happen when i have less than 5 litres fuel in the tank. so once reserve fuel light comes on the car drives perfectly, any idea what this could be ?
God father : Many thanks very helpful indeed. Btw, What size is the hex head screw? Please
My car is leaking from connector plug as it’s broken, would be possible to replace the connector plug?
donniedon : Hi mate nice video i also have same problem are you a locally or no anyone can do it for me
alex crisan : hi, whats the deal with the left parking lamp message display? thx
Tobias Blomqvist : hello, have problems with my s212 2015 250d with 651 engine, the car goes into limp mode at throttle, i have the code p008791, the fuel pressure in the system is low. has replaced both fuel pumps in the tank and a new fuel filter. do you have any tips what it might be?

ء هذا هو ثمن Mercedes C220 موديل 2021 وهذا السعر النهائي باش تخرجها من ألمانيا

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lotfi riahi : شكرا خويا الله يبارك فيك
Zouheir Ahmed Mighri : Thanks a lot for sharing this information. Please, can you make a video for Mercedes E 220 (AMG line) (2021 or 2022)
Abdul Karim2020 : السلام عليكم اس ٥٥٠ او ٤٥٠ مديل 2015 وفوق الى مديل 2021 كم تكون لاسعار
Kamal Kamal : هاديك gle coupe

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