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Fastest Way to Get STACKED in Minecraft

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In this Minecraft video I show you how to go from Poor to Stacked in Minecraft, and get Protection 4 Netherite armour, starting in a brand new world.

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WK3 Winlink Advance Operation Workshop

For full list of RATPAC presentations \u0026 accompanying documents/materials visit http://tiny.cc/ratpac-list

"Fixing" the Holosun 507c side logos

A simple tutorial on blacking-out the 507c logo.
A lot of people are turned off but the large white logo on the side of the 507c, with the birchwood casey aluminum black, you can stain this logo completely black. The result is permanent and looks much better imo.

Aluminum black can be found on amazon here:

or at your local walmart for roughly $10-15

The process is simple and straight forward:
1. clean off the surface of the logo with rubbing alcohol then wipe clean.
2. apply the aluminum black to the logo using a Q-tip in a dabbing motion for 60 seconds, then wipe clean.
3. apply some gun oil then wipe clean.

original tip from u/yoosernahme




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